• How can I schedule an interview with you/get you to speak at my event? And how much does it cost?

    Please contact the publisher (Harlequin) or my assistant Marie with your request, and they’ll let you know if something can be worked out. Please know that I do ask that my expenses be covered.

  • How can I get a cover quote for my upcoming book?

    I can’t promise I’ll have time to take a look at your work, but feel free to have your editor or agent contact my agent, Deidre Knight. (Her contact info is found at her website: knightagency.net) But please do not send unsolicited materials. Reach out with your request first.

  • Do you read unpublished works by other authors?

    I don’t, I’m sorry. There are a multitude of reasons: legalities, time, unfamiliarity, just to name a few. Please know that any work submitted to me or Marie is automatically deleted without being read. 

  • Where can I get t-shirts, mugs and other things that represent your books?

    We now have an online store! We will be adding new items, and we are open to requests. If what you want isn’t there, just shoot us a message and let us know.

  • How can I get a bookmark or signed bookplate from you?

    We do giveaways on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all the time, usually on different days, so make sure to follow me on each social media page.

  • I've never read your books. Where do you recommend I start?

    I write in a variety of sub genres, so it depends on your particular tastes. Like dark paranormal? Lords of the Underworld or Rise of the Warlords might be for you. Like fairy tale retellings? You’ll want to check out my White Rabbit Chronicles or The Forest of Good and Evil series. Like sexy contemporaries with bits of humor? Try my Original Heartbreakers. Ready for creatures of myth? Give Atlantis or Angels of the Dark a shot. Like lovable but quirky heroines? Tales of an Extraordinary Girl.

  • Are you done with the Lords of the Underworld series?

    Nope, not even close. While the series name—Rise of the Warlords—has changed now that the original Lords have been paired off, the world and war in the underworld will remain the same. I plan to write books for each of the Hell kings and all of the secondary characters we know and love.

  • Will you be writing more for the Angels of the Dark? Gods of War? Alien Huntress? Otherworld Assassins? Tales of an Extraordinary Girl? Atlantis? Imperia? Intertwined? Atlantis?

    I’ll break it down series by series:

    Angels of the Dark — These characters will be absorbed into the Lords of the Underworld world. They will receive their own books when the time comes.

    Gods of War — I hope to self-publish more!

    Alien Huntress and Otherworld Assassin — Maybe one day, but nothing is currently in the works.

    Tales of an Extraordinary Girl, Atlantis, Imperia and Intertwined — I’m sorry, guys, but it’s not likely anytime soon. However, I won’t discount one day self-publishing new stories in each of these series.  

  • Why are the first two Alien Huntress books written in 1st person and the rest in 3rd?

    With the 3rd novel in the series — Savor Me Slowly — I wanted to take the entire series in a new direction, and focus more heavily on the romance. Third person narrative allowed me to do this.

  • What is the reading order for your books in each series?

    Head to the Books page, and click the series you are most interested in. The books will line up in order!

  • Why won't you answer specific questions about characters and plots?

    A lot of people hate spoilers, so I try never to spill. Plus, I often change my mind about certain directions in the middle of a story, and I never want to tell you I’m planning something and then not do it. Been there, done that, and still carry the scars 😉

  • Are there any plans to make your books into movies?

    Having my books made into movies and/or TV shows is a dream of mine. You can help by post-post-posting that you’d like this to happen. On Facebook, Twitter, your blog, anywhere, everywhere. Post about the actors you’d like to star in it. Post about how cool you think it’d be. Use hashtags. In this industry, words can be like fires. The more people are talking about it, the hotter the fire burns and the more Hollywood wants the project 🙂

  • When is your next tour?

    Nothing is currently in the works.

  • Who is your agent?

    Deidre Knight of The Knight Agency. I love her!

  • Can I post copies of your books online? Can I sell your ebooks online? What about reading torrents of your books from a "share" site?

    No, no and no. All of the above constitutes book piracy, which is the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted work and it is theft. I never understood why some people believe publishing a book is like winning the lottery. It isn’t. We work hard, and we want to be paid for our work. No one likes to work for free. I understand that my books might not make it to your area, but there are legitimate ways to read them. Libraries, exchanges with fellow readers, and my contests, just to name a few.

  • I'm a writer. Got any advice for me?

    I’ve learned a lot about this business over the years, and one of the most important is that writing is just that, a business. Buckle down and write. Some days you won’t feel like it, but it’s important to train yourself to meet deadlines. And sometimes those deadlines demand you work when there is no inspiration.

    On a “writing process” note, don’t be afraid to write the bare bones first. In the beginning, don’t worry about perfection. Write like no one else will ever read your work. Write what you love. You can go back and fix.

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Gena Showalter is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of paranormal and contemporary romance novels, as well as young adult, fantasy and non-fiction. When she isn’t hard at work on her next novel, she’s playing with her menagerie of rescue animals—adopt don’t shop!—telling her husband and kids about every cute thing the rescue animals did, or binging her favorite TV shows.

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