The Hotter You Burn

Book 2 of the Original Heartbreakers Series

This troubled playboy makes all the rules…just so she can break them.

Beck O’ckley exorcises his demons in bed. Forged from his twisted past, he is as ruthless in the boardroom as he is in the bedroom. His #1 rule? One and done. No harm, no foul.

Then he interrupts a hot tempered little thief stealing…a pie?

Never the girl next door, Harlow Glass covered her pain by lashing out at others. But what happens when the queen bee grows up? Without a job and homeless, she is as desperate to succeed as an artist as she is for a hot meal, even if it means sneaking into her old ancestral estate for a snack. She’s shocked by the new owner’s early return…and her immediate and intense attraction to him.

Beck can’t get the proud beauty out of his mind. She’s the fire his life’s been missing. When he hires her to paint the house, friendship blooms…but so does temptation. Temptation veers to passion, passion to addiction. One and done to… always and forever?

Reissued on October 12, 2020 under Friends First

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