Seduce the Darkness

Book 4 of the Alien Huntress Series

New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter’s latest paranormal novel features the return of her sexy breed of alien huntresses. 

Devyn is an immortal warrior, and an unrepentant collector of women, able to charm anyone–except Bride McKells. Uneducated in the ways of the vampire, Bride isn’t even sure if other vampires exist. Seductive Devyn has the answers she craves, and a ticket to the dark underground where her people are said to live. But Bride’s blood might hold the key to saving Devyn’s friends, so he’s loathe to let her go. Especially when he begins to crave her more than breath. Together they enter the seedy world of slave auctions, battle a powerful alien queen whose diseased blood turns humans into cannibals, and discover a passion unlike any other. But in the end, Bride must choose between the man she’s come to love and the family she’s always longed for.

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