Grave Wars

Book 5 of A Jane Ladling Mystery

Jane Ladling presents the perfect fail-proof “Don’t Fall Deeper In Love With Your Boyfriend” Checklist!

Remember the family curse—check (ish)
Keep your mind focused on his bid for sheriff—check
Never find his competition dead in their home—check mate?

For too long, Jane has lived in fear of a generational curse. Fall in love, lose the guy; marry him and watch him die. Finally, this quirky ray of sunshine is determined to experience all life offers. With the help of the world’s most amazing guardcat, she preserves Garden of Memories, a landlocked cemetery and heaven on earth. At her side is the best ragtag team of friends in history. Plus, she’s dating the tastiest snack in Aurelian Hills, Georgia. Protective grump and future sheriff Conrad Ryan. There’s just one problem: someone murdered Conrad’s only opponent.

Of course, like any expert amateur sleuth, Jane dives heart first into an investigation. Except, the hotter the leads, the colder the case. From feuding neighbors to secret blackmailers and a missing crime boss, reality proves stranger than fiction. As new buddies and old enemies emerge, Jane will stop at nothing to uncover the truth. And maybe, just maybe, she’ll win her own campaign along the way: being crowned Miss Happily Ever After.

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