Grave New World

Book 6 of A Jane Ladling Mystery

Jane Ladling cordially invites you to the world’s most romantic wedding. But first, there’s a few items to check off her to-do list.

  • Actually plan the festivities
  • Find a way to pay for said festivities
  • Avoid finding a dead body. OOPS! Solve a murder

As the owner of a landlocked cemetery and self-proclaimed expert amateur sleuth, Jane knows death inside and out. After receiving an invite to speak at a local writer’s club, she discovers a dead body upon arrival, plus an invitation from the killer.

Player one is ready. Are you?

Now the game is on!

With a newly elected (smoking hot) sheriff who doubles as her overprotective fiancé, a gaggle of enabling best friends, and a lovingly vicious guardcat at her side, the intrepid Jane has no doubt she’ll win. But as clues lead everywhere and nowhere at once, another victim is discovered, and an ancient family curse rears its ugly head. Jane realizes she’s caught in a battle between cat and mouse. To succeed, she’ll have to lay a trap of her own…

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