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Questions and Answers will be added over the next few weeks, so check back! We will also have a form up so you can ask questions. Thanks for your patience!

How can I get a bookmark or signed bookplate from you?

I'm sorry to say we no longer accept snail mail.

Do you read unpublished works by other authors?

I don't, I'm sorry. Please know that any work submitted to me or Marie is automatically deleted without being read.

How can I get a cover quote from you for my upcoming book?

I can't promise I'll have time to take a look, but feel free to have your editor or agent contact my agent, Deidre Knight.  Please do not send unsolicited material.  Deidre's website (where her contact info can be found) is:

How can I schedule an interview with you/get you to speak at my event?

Please contact the publisher (Harlequin) or my assistant Marie with your request, and they'll let you know if something can be worked out. Most often I'm not even sure what day it is--sometimes I even lose track of months--so I'm the worst person to ask about scheduling something.

New Website

NOT ALL BOOK LISTS  ARE COMPLETE YET! We are still working on our new website. We will be adding new features, ironing out the wrinkles and moving over all the content in the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience! You can still use our old site while we update things.


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Dark Swan

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